Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue-I

1st Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue (AIID-I)
24-25 July 2016-Tehran, Iran

The first round of “Afghanistan, India and Iran Trilateral Dialogue” was successfully held in Tehran, Iran. During the trilateral conference from 24-25 July 2016 the delegations from the three countries discussed a number of strategic issues involving Afghanistan, Iran and India. The discussions evolved around regional economic opportunities, political and security cooperation among the countries with a greater focus on Afghanistan.

During this trip to Tehran, the Afghan delegation comprising scholars, practitioners and experts also met a number of high-ranking Iranian officials and visited some prominent Iranian research institutes.

The first round of this trilateral conference among Afghanistan, Indian and Iran was co-organized by the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) and in partnership with the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, Ministry of Defense of India (IDSA) and Institute for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran (IPIS). The second round of this trilateral meeting is scheduled to be held in Kabul in March 2017.