Online Discussion on Twitter space on Afghanistan Refugees: Managing Mutual Expectations

On April 10, 2022, the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies-AISS held an online discussion on Twitter space on 'Afghanistan Refugees: Managing Mutual Expectations'. Following a security incident in Mashahd where two Iranian scholars were killed by an unknown man, a wave of anti-Afghanistan Refugees has spread across Iran. The panel was moderated by Alan Veisi, Social Activist, with participation of speakers from both Afghanistan and Iram, including Davood Naji, Political Activist, Roya Musavi, Human Rights Activist, Elham Abidini, Journalist, Razia Danesh, Social Activist, Dr Abulfazl Beheshti, Internation Relations Expert. 

Dr Beheshti began with explaining the causes of collapse of Afghanistan’s Republic and its consequences on the region. Mr. Naji discussed Iranian government’s mistreatment towards Afghan refugees, and also solutions offered via discussions amongst the civil societies of both countries. Ms. Musavi discussed how common heritage and culture used in dialogue between the two countries in exploring solitions. 
Ms. Danesh, however, iterated that common culture and religion can not be seen as a solution, but it is part of problem.

Elham Abidini, Iranian journalist, confirmed mistreatment of Iranian society and government towards Afghanistan refugees, but she believed that Iranian media has shown the true face of Afghanistan refugees.
Dr Nowruzi argued that dialogues between two nations can be a solution. A lack of dialogue between communities create gaps between two cultures know, who will never understand each other.

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