Dr. Moradian at CAMCA: Engagement with the Taliban is not the Solution

Dr. Davood Moradian, DG of the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies - AISS, participated in the conference “CAMCA's Way Forward: Advancing Through Innovation and Strengthened Intraregional Ties,” held on June 12-13, 2024, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. One of the roundtables of the conference was titled “Assessing Central Asia’s Relations with Afghanistan: Dos, Dont’s, and Future Perspectives.”

Dr. Moradian, along with other speakers moderated by Parwiz Kawa, discussed the factors that led to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, emphasizing that engagement with the Taliban is by no means a solution to Afghanistan's deadlock and that we must think about a post-Taliban government and the establishment of a system based on a transition from Islamism.

Dr. Moradian also discussed the factors that led to the fall of Afghanistan, including the role of the United States and its engagement with the Taliban.

The CAMCA Network is a group of experts working to advance the progress of the ten countries of Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus, and Afghanistan. The network, focused on creating a "sustainable and active network," provides a platform for members to share ideas, experiences, and expertise. This participatory approach, aimed at promoting regional cooperation, seeks to accelerate economic development and prosperity throughout “CAMCA.”