Afghanistan-Pakistan Dialogue-VI

6th Afghanistan-Pakistan Dialogue (APD-VI)
15 October 2016-Herat, Afghanistan

AISS holds the sixth “Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue” The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) organized the Sixth round of “Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue” on October 15, 2016 in Herat, Afghanistan. The conference was attended by Afghan government officials, academicians, media outlets and civil society. Eight-number Pakistani delegation comprising of law-makers, civil society activists, academia and, diplomats visited Afghanistan to participate in the dialogue. During the dialogue, there were three working sessions and main questions held and discussed under the following themes: 1) What does Pakistan want from Afghanistan and what Pakistan wants from Afghanistan?, 2) The India factors in Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, 3) The nature of war in Af-Pak region i.e. proxy war, terrorism, criminal economy or great power politics. The dialogue ended by Dr. Davood Moradian AISS director general and Gen. Assad Durrani former ISI director closing remarks.